I was born and raised in a small town in Northeast Mississippi called New Albany. I was raised by my mother and father along with my two sisters Amy and Julie. I spent my youth riding bicycles, climbing trees and playing in the dirt as most youth did in the eighties and nineties. I was raised to work hard, play hard, and treat people the way I wanted to be treated.

I enlisted in the Army National Guard in 1999 and after high school graduation from W.P. Daniel High School. I continued to basic training at Fort Jackson then onto Fort Eustis. I served for six years and in 2005 I ended my first enlistment. During the 2005 year I married my lovely wife, Kristin! We now have three kids. Fast forward till 2018 and I reenlisted in the fall and in 2019 started OCS to become an officer and am now a 1st Lieutenant with the 278th ACR in the Tennessee Army National Guard.

After I finished my enlistment in the National Guard, my wife and I moved to New York for me to attend the Culinary Institute of America where I received my associate degree in culinary arts in December of 2006. We were married and didn't have any children yet, so we moved across the country again to Maryville, TN to start my food career at the world recognized hotel restaurant Blackberry Farm. I worked here for about 3 years then left to pursue a catering business where I focused on high end catering and large-scale weddings. This time frame was about the time everything crashed with the economy. So, this business was not sustainable, and we closed the doors. Then I worked at a few restaurants and other food jobs until I landed a job at US Foods in Alcoa, TN. I was a sales representative for the Sevier County area.

I was managing about six million worth of sales when covid happened. Now... at this point I had worked hard my whole life and staying at home drawing unemployment was not an option. God delivered me enough business to not have to. During this time, I started doing small jobs then got hired into the construction business. I worked at a few different companies before I started my business for a couple years. In June of 2023 I started my business and I have not looked back since.

Currently I have a couple employees and we have not chosen a specialty yet; I tell people if you hire me I will figure it out. So, between my employees and myself we can work on pretty much anything that is related to a home. We have done flooring, drywall, painting, small electrical, and small plumbing, drop ceiling, framing, and many more types. If you have a project, you need help, call us today and we can help!